Cash Management

Sit back and relax

Enjoy complete 24/7 access to your business accounts with online banking. You can view activity summaries and balance information at any time. Process your company's payroll with direct deposit, transfer between accounts, pay your vendors and collect payments directly from customer accounts.

Cash management services include:

Payroll Services

Deposit your payroll directly into employees' accounts, regardless of where the accounts are held. Your employees will appreciate the immediate availability of funds, even if they are sick or on vacation on payday. You avoid the inconvenience and inefficiency of paper payroll checks.

You also can make tax payments directly to the federal government with ease using electronic payment services.


Pay your vendors electronically from your checking account through Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Collect account receivables, rents, dues or fees electronically through ACH receivables.

Balance Information

Know your cash position in real time, check balances on deposit and loan accounts, and view all posted transactions sorted by type and date.  Easily access account history, check images and statements. Transfer funds between accounts and download account information into your accounting software. Set email alerts to notify of account activity and help prevent ACH fraud.

Online Bill Pay

Pay bills with the click of a mouse any where in the U.S. Schedule payments at your discretion and get a quick view of payment history through current or previous year. Faster than writing and mailing paper checks, giving you more time to work or play.


You receive the very latest in data encryption, login protection, and flexibility for user access.

  • You control who can access your banking information, including days of the week and time of day.
  • Individual user rights include account access to view or transfer internally or externally with daily dollar limits.
  • All transfers can be approved internally or at bank level to help prevent fraud or employee theft.
  • Multi-level authentication including security questions on computers that aren't registered.
  • Automatic idle timeout and lockout after three incorrect login attempts.

To learn more about Internet cash management services, please talk to one of our cash management specialists, or see what it can offer you and your business.