ACH Manager Upgrade

Starion is providing an enhancement for Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) services. It provides new options for reporting on previous ACH transfers and files. You’ll also be able to download this information in multiple formats. To use this new approach, follow the instructions listed below.

You can also download a copy of these instructions [PDF]

ACH Manager Upgrade

The new View Report option gives business users the ability to inquire into ACH transfers and files. You can generate ACH transfer data reports using the View Report list in two ways:

  • Print: Generates a PDF file to review, save and/or print
  • Export: Generates a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file to save and open in a program supporting CSV formats, such as Microsoft Excel. CSVs can be converted into Excel datasheets


  1. Log in to Business Online Banking normally

  2. Move the mouse over Funds Management tab and select ACH Manager






  1. The Select External Transfer Criteria screen will appear. Select Inquire ACH Transfer and click Submit











  1. The ACH List box now comes up. Click on the View Report button, circled in red below









  1. Review the transfers populating the Export ACH List screen. Select the transfers for print or export using the check box next to the transfer description






  1. Select the type of report you want  to generate using the drop-down list beneath the check boxes

  2. Reports are generated using the selections you made in steps 5 and 6. The Print button generates a PDF report, while the Export button generates a CSV formatted report. Select Cancel to close the Export ACH List box and return to the ACH List box.

  3. Once your review is complete, close the report. The Select External Transfer Criteria box will be displayed. To use the View Report functionality with ACH Transfer templates, select ACH Transfer Template and then click Submit. Repeat steps 4-7 to select a group of transfer templates for print or export












If you have any questions about the Manager upgrade, please contact us.

Download a copy of these instructions [PDF]