Recognizing the need for a fast, efficient and secure method to correspond with our customers and business partners, Starion Financial has implemented the Cisco Registered Envelope Service.  This system allows e-mails to be encrypted before being sent over the Internet so that only the intended recipient will be able to open the message.

For more information please check out the following links:

SECURE E-mail - User Guide
FAQ - answers to common questions

Receiving and replying to SECURE E-mail from Starion Financial:

To register and use secure e-mail, you must first receive an encrypted e-mail from Starion Financial.  You will only need to register once.

Initiating and sending SECURE E-mail to Starion Financial:

Once you have received SECURE E-mail from Starion Financial and have registered, you will be able to initiate and send SECURE E-mail to Starion Financial with SECURE E-mail.  You must know the email address of the employee to whom you wish to send an e-mail.