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Seven reasons to consider Online Banking

There is no doubt the Internet has changed our society and the way we live. It has quickly become the chosen method of communication for many and a major factor in the financial lives of millions. Using the Internet to interact with your financial institution can help simplify your financial affairs. Here are seven reasons to consider using online banking:

  1. You can pay your bills online
    Most online institutions offer convenient bill paying services. With these services, paying your bills just takes a mouse click.
  2. You can review your account activity and know your up-to-date balances
    It’s easy to see which checks have cleared and monitor your balances.
  3. You can easily transfer funds between your accounts
    Knowing how much money you have in each account can enable you to move money to other accounts to earn higher rates on certain funds.
  4. It can be cheaper
    Online bill paying eliminates the costs of stamps and ordering checks. Avoiding trips to the bank saves gasoline and parking fees.
  5. You can save time
    You can bank whenever and wherever you want. All you need is a computer with Internet access.
  6. It is safe
    Most online banking activities use highly sophisticated encryption devices to ensure safety and privacy. Your password should be guarded carefully.
  7. You can learn how to make better-informed financial decisions
    Many institutions have sections of their websites dedicated to providing useful financial education.

You owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of having an online relationship with your financial institution. To sign up for online banking, start with Starion’s Online Banking webpage, or talk with a banker today.

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Celebrating Sun Prairie

Starion Financial had a Grand Opening event for its newest branch in Sun Prairie, WI on August 20. The event took place outside the branch and included free food, bounces houses for the kids and thousands of dollars in prizes. More than 425 people came out to celebrate and have some fun!

“We couldn’t be more excited to have our Sun Prairie branch open for business,” said Bill McDonough, market president. “Our Grand Opening Celebration was a great way for us to mark this big event.”

Stop by Starion’s newest branch at 326 S. Grand Ave, located just off Highway 151 and Highway C. Here's a map to the branch.

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Overdraft Privilege

Gain peace of mind by consenting for overdraft protection. If you are an eligible Starion Financial customer, you can add this privilege, allowing you to overdraw your personal checking account within a limit of $500.

Have you ever written a check only to have the recipient cash it several months later? You may have forgotten about the check, assuming it had gone through, and now your checkbook is off and you may not even realize it. This might not be a problem, unless you are out of town or at a store and don’t have a back-up credit card with you. You can save yourself the embarrassment of having your card rejected or having to put back the items you were going to purchase by consenting to Overdraft Privilege.

Overdraft Privilege is a great option for anyone with a checking account. To find out if you qualify, talk with one of our personal bankers today.

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What percentage of U.S. consumers use online bill payment?

As of 2012, 73.5% of U.S. consumers used online bill payment

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