Starion Conveniences

Simplify your life

In a world that never sleeps, you need 24-hour access to money and your accounts. When you're on the road or it's after hours, we make banking easy and help simplify your life.

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Mobile Banking

It’s like having a bank in the palm of your hand. Mobile Banking is a flexible and convenient way for you to view personal account information directly from your mobile devices. Check balances, review recent account activity and receive account activity alerts by text message, mobile browsing or through the downloadable app. You will need to be enrolled in Online Banking to use our mobile services. Learn more about Mobile Banking.

Online Banking

Never wonder again about your bank balance, or worry about getting to the bank to make a transfer. Online banking lets you look up your account activity and make transfers between accounts any time day or night. It's easy to use and entirely secure. See a personal banker to learn more. Learn more about Online Banking.

Phone Banking

Call into our automated system for your balances and recent account activity, and make transfers 24/7. We'll set up access to your account, and provide you a personal identification number for security. Telephone banking numbers are: Bismarck 701.223.6000, Mandan 701.663.2265, Fargo 701.281.5656, Dunseith, Rolla, Bottineau area 701.244.5780, Middleton 608.829.4550 and toll-free nationwide 888.600.6050.

Starion Cash Cards

Make cash withdrawals, transfers or obtain balance information at automatic teller machines 24 hours a day, using your personal identification number for security. Transactions appear in detail on your monthly statement. You must qualify for this card.

Starion Cash and Check Cards

Get cash from ATMs and make payments from your checking account without writing a check. Your card is accepted worldwide by Visa merchants. Purchases and other transactions appear in detail on your monthly statement. You must qualify for this card. A Gold card with expanded ATM and spending limits is available for those who qualify. Shop online with confidence when you register with Verified by Visa.

For lost or stolen cards, contact Visa customer service immediately at 800-472-3272.

Visa Platinum Credit Cards

We offer one of the most widely-used credit cards in the world to qualified applicants. Use it to make purchases or get a cash advance at any bank or ATM machine displaying the Visa logo. As an added convenience, drop off your payment at Starion Financial.

Direct Deposit

Lets you put your paycheck, Social Security check, stockholder dividends, government checks and other payments directly in your account. The arrangements for electronic transfers are easy. See us or your payer for information. These transactions appear in detail on your monthly statement.

Direct Pay

Convenient for utility bills, telephone and other recurring payments - saving you time and keeping you current when you travel. We can help you make the easy arrangements. Your payments appear in detail on your monthly statement.

Order Checks from Starion

We can help you select a design you like and the type of check that works for you, then process your order to Deluxe. Order checks now.

Cashier's Checks

These are an efficient way to make payments and maintain the security of bank protection. Charges may apply.

Night Depository

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through night deposit drops at our locations. Your account will be credited the next business day.

Safe Deposit Boxes

This is the best place for valuable documents and family heirlooms that would be difficult or impossible to replace. Various sizes are available.

Visa Gift Cards

These cards can be used for purchases at any Visa merchant and make great gifts for weddings, birthdays and other occasions. Charges may apply.

Visa Travel Money Card

This is an excellent way to carry vacation money with extra security and convenience. They are accepted at any visa merchant. Charges may apply.

U.S. Savings Bonds

Savings Bonds are an affordable and safe way to invest. Bonds are available in various denominations, from $50 to $10,000. As of January 2012, these bonds can be purchased only through the United States Treasury Department at

Wire Transfers

A fast, efficient way to send money in the United States or internationally. Money is sent to another financial institution to your designated payee.