Pay Other People Money

No checks? No cash? No problem! Popmoney lets you send money to friends and family members directly from your Starion account. Popmoney is easy and convenient for you and the people you send money to. Here are just a few ways to use Popmoney:

  • Send money to a child at college
  • Send a gift or reimburse family and friends
  • Pay babysitters or lawn care services
  • Pay rent to landlords or roommates

To send money to someone, you must first be enrolled in Starion's Online Banking and Bill Pay services. Within Online Banking, you can quickly send money directly to other people, saving time for you and them. Learn more about Online Banking and Bill Pay

With Popmoney, you can send money using:

  • Account Information (routing and account number)
    Money you send someone will be deposited directly into their account. You also have the option to have a confirmation e-mail sent to both of you
  • E-mail Address
    The person you’re paying will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to direct the payment into their account, using the Popmoney website
  • Mobile Number
    The person you pay receives a text message with instructions on how to direct the payment into their account. Remember, standard message and data rates may apply

All payments are available within 3 business days, though some may be available sooner depending on delivery speed and the date the payment was sent. If someone sends you money and you’re a Starion customer, just log in to Online Banking, select Popmoney and click on Activity to view the estimated date when the funds will be available. 

If the recipient is not a Starion Financial Online Banking customer, they’ll visit the Popmoney website and click on “Pick up Money”.  They will need to enter their account number they want the money sent to and it will be deposited automatically.

How much does it cost?
Using Popmoney through Starion Online Banking costs 50 cents per payment made. 

How do I sign up?
If you’re a Starion customer, you must be enrolled in Online Banking and the Bill Pay service to use  Popmoney. Learn more about Online Banking and Bill Pay

Where do I find Popmoney in Online Banking?
Popmoney is available under the Pay Bills tab on the home page of Online Banking. You can also track your past payments and find additional help under the Popmoney tab in the Payments section of your online account.

Can I use Popmoney with my phone or tablet?
Yes, if you are signed up for Starion’s Online Banking and enrolled in Bill Pay. Popmoney transfers will automatically show up in your Starion Mobile Banking app, available for Android phones, iPhone and iPad. Learn more about the Starion Financial app.

Are there minimum and maximum Popmoney payment amounts?
Yes. The minimum payment amount you can make is $5. The maximum amount is $500 for next-day transfer, depending on credit standing and available funds. Higher limits are available for 3-day transfers.

Where can I send Popmoney payments?
Popmoney payments can be sent to any personal payee within the United States, but not U.S. territories.

Need help?
You can call Popmoney directly at 877.675.6378. Support hours are from 6 a.m. – midnight CT. To get help enrolling, you can contact Starion Customer Service at 888.258.6050 or visit your local Starion location.