Five Useful Tricks Online Bill Pay Can Do

Your landlord lives halfway across town and smack-dab in the middle of your monthly predicament of whether to waste a postage stamp or a car ride to drop off the check. Did you know you can pay an individual like a landlord, friend or family member using online bill pay instead?

Here are five things you can do with online bill pay from Starion Financial.

1. Pay an individual
Pay a person just like you pay your credit card or utility bill without writing checks. Online bill pay simply mails a check to the name and address you provide at no charge to you.*

You can even schedule automatic payments to individuals. For example, you may make weekly or monthly payments to a landlord or a person for housecleaning or child care services, or you may send an allowance to a child at college.

2. Automatically search for new billers
When you choose to add a bill, you'll be given options for searching for billers. If you wish to add a company with an account number, you can search for the biller by name. If you add a person or company without an account number, you can search by phone number.

Online bill pay searches a list of available billers and publicly available phone listings for names and addresses, so you save time entering that information when you add your bill.

3. Schedule reminders or automatic payments
Click the manage my bills button and choose a biller from the drop-down menu to schedule bill reminders or automatic payments.

Reminders are a good idea for your regular bills. They include the typical due date, frequency and amount due for your bill, and they appear on your payment center main page. You can even choose to have reminders sent to your email if a bill is due, past due, or when the payment is sent.

If the amount due is the same every time, you can schedule automatic, recurring payments. Simply enter the amount, the date of your first payment, and how often the bill is due thereafter.

4. Sign up for e-bills
When you add a bill, you may have the option to sign up to receive electronic bills (e-bills), if available. You will receive e-bills in online bill pay, and view and pay them in the payment center.

Hundreds of companies nationwide can send e-bills, which typically contain the same information included in the paper bills that are mailed to you.

5. Name your accounts
Click the my accounts button to update the names of your accounts in online bill pay and save the changes. Adding names makes it easier to differentiate between your bank accounts if you have more than one associated with your online bill pay profile.

Enroll today!
You must be an online banking customer to use bill pay. To enroll, log in to online banking, open any of your accounts by clicking the account number, click the Bill Pay link, and agree to the terms and conditions. You'll be ready to enjoy the benefits of our online bill pay service immediately!

Stop in and visit with a personal banker at any Starion location to learn more about the benefits of our online banking service.

*Free with at least two bill payments each month. Charges apply with less than two.