Security & Fraud

Starion Financial is dedicated to protecting your personal privacy, providing security for your finances and preventing fraud. We observe stringent bank-wide security policies to protect your privacy. At Starion, we are always happy to answer your Internet or personal security questions. For your convenience, some of our protection measures include:

  • Encryption software
    Encryption software scrambles information you're viewing so it can't be intercepted and read by someone else. All online banking and bill pay sessions are encrypted

  • Automatic Time Out
    If you are logged into online banking and fifteen minutes pass with no activity, your session will automatically time out and you will need to log back in

  • Password protection
    Your secret password allows only you to review personal information about your account

To help you keep your information and finances safe from criminal activity, we’ve compiled resources, tips and best practices concerning fraud that can help you protect yourself.

  • Protect Yourself
    Tips to help you protect account information and identity theft and scams

  • Online & Mobile
    An increase in the use of online financial services has expanded opportunities for criminals. We provide tips that can help protect you online

  • Fraud Resources
    Websites and other resources that provide fraud alerts and the latest information on fraud prevention

  • Business Information
    Resources to help business owners protect themselves and their employees from fraud

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